The 10 Best Things About Dating An Asian Guy (Opinion)

The 10 Best Things About Dating An Asian Guy (Opinion)

Millions of women around the world have gone crazy about Asians guys as they’ve become more appealing in mainstream media. For example, the Hallyu wave has made considerable gains in international popularity over the years. Even in Hollywood, the first all-Asian movie “Crazy Rich Asians” just came out few months ago. Korean Dramas and Chinese Dramas are currently trending and is extraordinarily popular among teenagers and young adults. In recent years, women around the world have discovered these trends originating in Asia. Many have taken an interest in Asian guys from China, Korea, and Japan. Some had changed their way of dressing, started to learn Chinese, Korean, or Japanese languages – and their perspective when it comes to dating guys had also changed. As a result, AMWF, AMBF and AMXF is a global phenomenon that is increasing in popularity by the day. More and more girls have taken an interest in dating Asian guys.

In historical times, many had made false judgments about the Asian people when it comes to their practices, beliefs, and traditions. Ignorant groups of people are have even been racist when it comes to the topic of skin color. And worst of all, there have been many negative lies resulting in a myriad of stereotypes perpetuated in mainstream media. We’re here to correct those false statements by providing you with a list of what dating an Asian man can possibly be like. So throw away the stereotypes, and let’s get down to the facts.

The rise in Asian culture and media around the world has begun to turn the tables and make women look over the generalizations of Asian guys and see them as individuals for who they are inside. Some wonder what it’s like to date an Asian guy or are already in the budding stage of their AMWF relationship. Some famous couples are shown here.

We would like you to know what makes dating an Asian so great from food, family, hospitality, and culture to chivalrous gestures you thought were already gone and vanished from the surface of the earth. Here are 10 reasons why an Asian would be the perfect partner.

Of course, your mileage may vary with these tips. We only listed the most positive traits here, and it won’t apply to everyone. If you’re concerned after reading this list, don’t worry! We’re all human beings and no one is perfect. No one has all these traits at once – that would be too perfect.

1. Courtship is Grand and Amazing

Do you think courtship is only done in the past? Asian men will prove you wrong. This is the right way to win the heart of any girl. In the courting stage, you will get to know each other more and develop trust and love for each other.

Courtship involves grand gestures such as serenade where the suitor present a song and gives small gifts, write sweet messages and accompanying you to and from places to show their affection and love. Asian men are very patient when it comes to court they can wait for months or even years until both parties develop a mutual feeling and even if sometimes it is not reciprocated however they still make such gestures as a proof to the strength of their affection.

2. You are welcomed into the family
family dock
Asians do not care about social status or your family background, meeting the family is usually the terrifying part, and it mostly happens when you are on the verge of an extreme and serious relationship. In the Asian culture, introducing your partner is normal they are very hospitable, generous, and very warm when it comes to other people they will make you feel that you are now a part of their family. You will certainly be satisfied with the warmth and the food they served you. Expect intriguing questions such as marriage and how many kids would you like to have in the future, after meeting the Family makes sure to prepare for the upcoming family gathering invitations you won’t be able to say no.

3. You can experience new and rich cultures

Asian culture and tradition is an exciting thing to learn about and experience. Make sure to learn about your partner’s culture when dating an Asian guy. Asian countries are exciting and colorful and immensely interesting. When it comes to celebration, each country has different varying cultures and practices that have been passing down to their descendants for over hundreds of years by a different ancient civilization. Different Festivals are celebrated around the continent all of which are full of color and amusing celebrations.

chinese new year at night

Chinese New Year

It is likewise known as Lunar New Year because other countries are celebrating this Spring Festival as well it is the first month of the year, and it begins on the 2nd new moon right after the much-awaited winter solstice and will end on the full moon fifteen days after. Asian people celebrate it with great joy and happiness. Families gather at their ancestral home to share the tremendous and ecstatic excitement with their relatives and friends. This New Year celebration usually lasts for a week or two.

4. They make amazing food buddies!

Chinese food

Your tummy is always full when you have an Asian friend or buddy hovering around they are great cooks and that alone is a good enough reason to date one. You can stay still and let them choose what to eat because they will serve you a feast. 

They will be up for trying anything from exotic street foods up to a small neighborhood restaurant that many people are blabbing about or to a big eat all you can store so whether you are staying in-house or heading out your plate will be surely filled with pleasure palace.

5. He’s loyal and mature.

godfrey gao

Asians are very dedicated to their studies and job. They will not make anything that will surely disappoint their parents and relatives, and they will not ruin their careers by doing unlawful things and letting their destructive behaviors get ahead of them that will lead them behind rails. He will surely prioritize your future family they respect the different race of their country and pay respect to their tradition so you won’t have a problem dating a very arrogant and disrespectful guy.

6. Amazing hygiene.

asian man bath

They are definitely a clean maniac they do not like getting dirt all over themselves unlike other men who think to be dirty and ragged are cool, Asian men are rather called feminine developing a bad odor they are really good smelling and clean. They use skin care products to make sure their skin is always moisturized and stubble-free. These are also the reasons why they are attractive and rather pleasing to the eyes which is a complete opposite to Western masculinity standards.

7. Asian men love travelling, and they’ll take you with them.

great wall of china

Not only they are great in cooking, but they are also the best travel companion. Asians are very adventurous and won’t think twice trying new things. That is why they also know the best spots to travel, and they are very adaptable. One concern non-Asian girls like black girls, or white girls might have for AMWF dating asian guys is they don’t know what to expect. They do not like to cause a ruckus or a problem for everyone. They can easily make friends with strangers, and they are very easy-going. They are competent at managing your travel money from fare up to your food expenses and of course when buying souvenirs they are a smooth talker and very charming they can easily sway vendors. They love taking photos so you can enjoy your Instagram-worthy travel photos you can upload online they are also surprisingly sociable and own several social media.

8. Asian men focus on success.

Of course, who would want to date a broke and a lazy man? Most girls are swooning over hardworking and industrious men they are very dedicated when it comes to the work they are willing to give time and effort to gain a higher and ambitious life to secure their future and help their family. Asian Americans make the most amount of money out of any group. They work until they can no longer do any more because they are dedicated. Dating an Asian man for some is because he thinks highly of his family.

9. Dating: Asian guys are street smart.

They are the best people you can depend on they are very calm when it comes to intimidating situations or if you are ever put in a situation where you are lost in a foreign place they are street mart they are very independent and easily deal with problems that might come into your way. They are likely aware of the urban community and handles problem wisely.

10. Asian guys make a good husband and father.

Generally speaking, their parents raise Asian men as a respectful and knows how to treat a woman well, they are a very uptight man and brought up to be respectful to their peers, elders and everyone they meet. You may rarely find an Asian man grabbing women at a night club or forcing a woman to sleep with them when it comes to chastity you can easily depend on them, and you will surely be safe with them, they make a good father who cares about safety, education, and growth of your future children. Dating Asian guys is a safe and great experience for women all around.

These are only hind-sights of what kind of men Asian are there are still a lot outside the box, and it is up to you if you want to explore and embark different Asian in different races. In AMWF relationships, understanding your partner’s background is really important for success. They are the best pick when it comes to dating they surely know how to win a lady’s heart and know how to mend a broken trust, I hope that these insights will help you to enforce your positivity towards AMWF relationships and men from Eastern cultures. Follow us on Instagram below to see more amazing AMWF couples! And if you’re a single guy, make sure to read up on what girls really want from you in a relationship. It could help you out with dating! And if you’re in an AMWF relationship, let us know what your favorite part of it is. We really want to know!

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