5 AMAZING AMWF Marriages! (With Pictures)

5 AMAZING AMWF Marriages! (With Pictures)

AMWF marriages are often beautiful. With AMWF marriages and couples, there are communities just for them. What is an AMWF marriage? It’s a marriage between an Asian Guy and White Girl! Some people may fetishize AMWF marriages and AMWF porn. However, when it comes down to the real thing, communities are built around AMWF marriages because interracial marriages come with their own brand of pros and hitches.

Having a community would help smoothen the marriage. Having the support and also seeing couples that are in a similar situation can help people have conversations that people usually wouldn’t have. People who are hesitant about AMWF marriages are often concerned about cultural barriers. These cultural barriers are not a big of a problem as people make it out to be. As long as you are considerate and willing to learn and make a conscious effort to understand your significant other’s culture, you can surely overcome such walls.

Here are 5 amazing AMWF marriages to prove to you that love conquers all.

Rachel and Jun

Rachel and Jun

Rachel and Jun are successful lifestyle Youtubers. They are married and live very happy lives. Rachel is from America and moved to Japan in order to study Japanese as a language, for joining the Air Force. Rachel met Jun, who was a Resident Assistant in the same university in Japan.

They now run two successful YouTube channels. Jun has a cooking channel, and Rachel makes fun lifestyle videos about living in Japan, places, and much more. Life definitely took a turn for Rachel who originally moved to Japan for studying in order to join the air force but ended up falling in love and becoming a YouTuber.

They definitely liked each other since they first met. Rachel in a YouTube video admitted to having a crush on Jun when they first met and thinking that he looked like a guy from a shoujo manga (a genre of Japanese comic books whose main demographic consists of women). Jun also in the same video said that he thought Rachel was a model at first because she walked and looked like one.

Kyuho and Sarah Lee

AMWF Couple Kyuho and Sarah Lee

Lee Kyuho and Sarah are another AMWF couple who are also Youtubers. Kyuho is Korean, and Sarah is Canadian. They met when Kyuho was serving his time in the military. They have been happily married for more than five years.

They have several videos where they answer frequently asked questions about their relationship, how they met, and AMWF related queries. Their YouTube and Instagram channel is 2hearts1seoul.

Their first date stories are cute and relatable. They talk about going on dates where they enjoyed being in each other’s company more than the date experience itself, like riding on a Viking ride at Lotte world. Sarah was very scared of rides, and Kyuho found out too late.

Then there were the dates at an expensive café which they both thought was overpriced, so after that, they decided to just go to a convenience store. They both agree on how canned coffee or tea tastes just the same to them as the tea and coffee served at expensive cafes.

Jessica and King

Jessica and King Couple

Jessica and King met on an online dating site. Their story is one of the few gems of a love story that come out of online dating. They first met in Melbourne, Australia and have had two weddings. A traditional Chinese wedding and an Australian farm wedding.

Jessica fell in love with his dedication to his family, his intelligence, and of course, his good looks. She had at first thought his family would be conservative and might not accept her, but to her surprise, his family was very warm and welcoming.

King really loves how Jessica is independent and has her own goals and ambitions. Her individuality and her kind yet firm character are what made him fall in love with her more.

Sunny and Jason

Sunny and Jason met at a project where they were both volunteers. This AMWF marriage is super cool because she was his translator for the entire project and fell in love as they spent time together on this project. Originally, He was only supposed to stay in Romania for five weeks but ended up staying for three months.

Their relationship progressed as they made sacrifices for each other. In the little things, they found home and warmth with each other. What more could anyone want?

They both advise other AMWF couples to be open-minded, which is an obvious advice but nevertheless true and helpful. It’s not even the big cultural things, most of the times it is the little things that the other culture value. So, one must not be quick to judge instead what you can do is have conversations and communicate to reach an understanding.

Alecia and Cheng

Alecia and Cheng

Alecia and Cheng met in the year 2013. Cheng at first contacted her through a dating app called “Momo” A popular social media app used by Chinese youngsters. At first, she kept turning down his offers to Facetime, talk on the phone or go on a date because she thought he would be just another weird guy. One day she happened to tell her sister about him, and her sister convinced her to go on a date with him.

She said that she was very glad her sister pushed her to go on that date. They are now happily married as an AMWF couple and live in New York City. Cheng advises other AMWF couples to put their phone away while the other is talking. He elaborates further, saying that his rule applies no matter how long you have been together.

AMWF marriage is not difficult mountain you have to climb. At the end of the day, we are all Human beings. That is not to say that cultural difference is a myth; however, as human beings with the ability to think for ourselves. We can adapt and at the very least have enough empathy to understand or at least try to understand the other party. With an open mind and communication, we can understand and even appreciate a culture that is foreign.

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