AMWF Dating Apps: The Ultimate Guide (Improved)

AMWF Dating Apps: The Ultimate Guide (Improved)

In the US, White Asian couples account for around 14% of all interracial couples – AMWF Dating Apps will help them connect even more. Recently, interracial relationships have seen a surge across the globe. AMWF couples have seen a huge surge as well, and there are a plethora of reasons why Asian males and White females complement each other so well. 

And add to that the rise of online dating, it has become much more fun and easier to be in an AMWF relationship than ever before. With just a simple swipe, you might just find your dream Asian Male or White Female partner.

There are numerous dating applications available to suit your needs. However, we have lined up some useful tips to enhance your dating profile as well as the best apps targeted towards AMWf couples. 

Online Dating Apps: Tips to Optimize your Profile

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First off, your profile picture is the first thing others will notice. Make sure you have a clear picture of your face on your Display picture. Avoid sunglasses or looking at directions that hide your face. Take a crisp, clear frontal picture. It might be trendy but lay off on the filters. Putting a heavily edited picture can be a major turn off. Au naturel is always preferable whether you are a guy or a woman.

Secondly, keep your bio short, sweet and catchy. Funny pick up lines can be a plus. Do not mention too much about your work life or previous romances and don’t disclose your income. If you do, you may attract gold diggers. And keep the bedroom stuff off your bio, chances are you will mostly be rejected. You will most likely come across like a perv or predator. 

Lastly, list your hobbies and interests. Reports show people with similar interests are more likely to connect on online dating apps. However, do not bluff. You don’t want to be embarrassed when the other person asks you questions on your similar interests. You can come off as desperate. 

Regardless of your gender, the above tips can boost your online profile. Always be yourself. It’s better you get one match that likes you for who you are than a hundred matches with whom you will have to pretend to be someone you are not. Eventually, you will be exhausted, trying to keep up with your lies. It might take some time, but your dream AMWF relationship will eventually come to fruition. Be patient.

Dating Apps: Impressing Him with your Texts

Ladies first; let’s start with how to text your Asian guy and keep him interested. 

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Learn some words

Don’t just text a simple “Hi”. It can make you appear very boring. Instead, opt for a pickup line, its sure to work and even if it doesn’t, it will probably make him laugh. It’s a win-win. 

Get to know him

Ask him about his interests, hobbies, music that he likes, what he does or maybe even his pet peeves. Don’t always let the guy be the one steering the conversation. But remember not to bombard him with questions or ask personal questions too soon.

Don’t be too available

Its good to have a conversation and chat constantly but don’t be too available. It makes you seem like you don’t have a life and may end up appearing too clingy. Don’t always text immediately. Make him want you. Sometimes its good to play hard to get. Guys love the chase.

Appear matured

Don’t act like a teenage girl. When you text, keep in mind not to go overboard with slangs or abbreviations. It can make you appear immature and childish. Instead, have a matured conversation, you can drop in a joke every now and then but just don’t go overboard. 

Drop in a photo

You don’t always have to text messages. You can always keep the conversation interesting by dropping in a selfie every now and then. Don’t drop in a photo constantly or immediately after you start texting but keep it every now and then. Sometimes emojis can help too. With text messages, at times, it might be difficult to sense the mood. Especially if you are joking, attach an emoji otherwise you may come off as rude or inappropriate.

Keep it Sexy

This one can be tricky. Sexting is not for everyone, and you have to be very careful. If you go too far or start too soon, you end up looking like a harlot. Regardless of the stereotypes of men being sex-obsessed, most guys would want a classy girl, particularly Asian guys. So it’s crucial to sense the timing and initiate when you think the guy is ready. You don’t have to be too vulgar, but something like “ Just came back with some stuff from Victorias Secret” could start the mood. 

It’s obviously harder and trickier for the guys when it comes to texting and keeping your girl interested. Regardless of social progress, guys are still supposed to be the initiator and leader in the relationship. In an AMWF relationship, it can be even harder. But fear not, just take a deep breath and learn the following essential tips to pump up your messaging skills:

Don’t be too forward

Many guys make this mistake, and it can be a huge turnoff. Don’t just initiate a conversation by making sexual comments, asking nudes or vulgar questions. 99% of the time, you will be blocked immediately. Start playful, crack some jokes, and keep it casual. Of course, you can spice it up, but only when the girl is ready. Also, do not ask her number or location immediately, you will come off as a creep.

Mirror her

Try to keep the conversation the way she wants. Don’t turn naughty when she is poking a joke and if she starts sexting, don’t drop a joke or talk about serious issues. The trick is to sense the tone and nature of her conversation. If she sends long texts, don’t just reply with an “Ok” or single words. Let her know you are interested.

Be a gentleman

Chivalry is not dead! Make sure to ask her how her day went and drop in a good morning and good night text every now and then. Don’t bombard her with messages. If she doesn’t reply for a long duration, she has her reasons so avoid asking repeatedly why she hasn’t replied. This can be embarrassing for you and her.

Don’t overcompliment

Another mistake that guys routinely commit. Its good to compliment, but when you go overboard with it, it can make you appear very needy and desperate. This is something that every girl knows. They are probably used to creepy guys dropping in their DMs calling them beautiful. So don’t cross the limits, use her name to greet her and not the cliché “beautiful” “sexy” and the likes. Instead, be polite and courteous. 

When to meet? Let her decide

Guys are always too eager to meet. Always avoid asking the girl to meet right away. Believe it or not, a large majority of guys ask the girl to meet on the same day they start texting. This is a complete No-No! My advice is to keep the conversation and texting going for a while. Then ask her number and stick to calls, and when she is ready, you can meet her with her permission. If she declines, its ok don’t be disheartened. Just give her some time.

When you do meet, choose a casual location. Don’t choose a very romantic and lavish location right away. It will be better to let her choose the location.

By the way, JT Tran has some great tips for you:

Let her chase you

It’s not the Victorian age anymore, so let the girl chase you as well. Don’t appear too available, make her know you have options as well regardless of whether you actually do. Whoever is doing the most texting is the one chasing the other. So avoid over-texting. Many girls consider this as one of their major turn-offs when it comes to online texting.

Now that we have outlined how to text, check out some of these apps we have lined up to meet your ideal Asian male or white Female:


This is the number one dating app across the entire world and has a very diverse pool of men and women. You are most likely see the most people on here. It is simple, but doesn’t have the features you need even with millions of members. 

A cool feature of tinder is that you can connect only when both the individuals are interested in each other. In Tinder terms, both the persons have to swipe right. You have the option to upload pictures as well as loop videos.

It even has a feature that allows members to change their location and look for their partners in different countries. Meeting your Asian man or white woman may or may not be challenging on Tinder. You see, it’s not quite specialized for the AMWF community. So read on!

Tinder Link

TanTan for AMWF Dating

Tantan is similar to tinder and can be amazing. Tantan boasts of over 100 million users. It has the classic swipe feature and also has a strong privacy feature. You don’t have to worry about your contacts finding out you’re on TanTan. Awesome.

Tantan works seamlessly in Europe and is very popular on the continent. With the growing popularity of K-pop and idolization of some Chinese and Korean stars, White European women have become more open and infatuated with Asian men in general. So you have a high chance of meeting your ideal partner whether you’re White or Asian. Tantan also has a huge user base among Asian men, so your future date is not too far away from you. 

They have an app for both androids as well as IOS. It is known for being filled with Kpop fanatics who are generally very welcoming to Asian culture and men. 

Green Tea and Coffee

If you want something more particular, then look no further. Green Tea and Coffee was particularly created to introduce Asian men to a diverse group of beautiful women across all ethnicities. It is an exclusive site and consists of a smaller group of globally diverse people who are all enthusiastic and fascinated with Asian culture and Asian men.

It might be difficult for traditional dating apps to match Asian men and white women. This site is very aware of it and was particularly created to cater to the interests of Asian men. You are sure to find your desired man or woman.

They maintain a blog of interesting stories, including about interracial marriages and also has an online shop. They are still a growing community but has established a huge user base. The main advantage of this site is that you don’t have to keep swiping for women who are interested in Asian men because all the users in Green Tea and Coffee are attracted to Asian men. You get precisely what you want.

Green Tea and Coffee Link


This social network promotes love and friendship between Asian men and non-Asian women. It is not just a dating site also for forging friendships, meeting new friends, sharing stories about their experiences with interracial relationships, talking about your hobbies and interests, learning about Asian culture and even learning Asian languages with the help of a language partner and many more features. 

The site is more than 10 years old and has amassed a huge number of Asian males and a diverse group of women. This is an ideal website to not only meet your love interest but also to make friends from across the world. If you are new to interracial dating, the members can help you with personal advice and tips from their own experiences. Definitely check this website out.

The founder of Hey-Ai Caroline Pover is herself a white woman from Germany. She created the website, keeping in mind western women that love Asian guys. She has confessed numerous times of her attraction to Asian culture and men and wants to see more AMWF couples.

Hey-Ai Link


There is no secret tips or spell that can get you your dream man or woman. Instead, it is a combination of several factors, including your appearance, manners, confidence, and the right techniques that can woo your interest. If you get rejected, do not take it seriously, you are not everyone’s cup of tea, and there is nothing wrong with it. Patience is a virtue when it comes to dating, and sooner or later, you will find your match.

Dating is much easier, thanks to apps and social sites. Plus, interracial dating is nothing new these days thanks to dedicated apps on the internet. Your AMWF dreams will no longer be restricted to your dreams. Make it a reality!


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