All About AMWF Weddings! (WOW!)

All About AMWF Weddings! (WOW!)

The symbol of love

The celebration of love, of finding one’s soulmate and the celebration of the union of a man and a woman that is ‘wedding.’ The bustle and the vibes, the jitters all comes along with the wedding package.

We will come across many weddings in our lifetime. We may have the privilege to attend and take part in many weddings. Of the many, we might come across some that involve the marriage between two different ethnicities.

Almost everything that we see around us is quite diversified. Even the marriage between different cultures and ethnicity is also highly evident in every realm today. From the celebrities to the downright common, inter-marriage is in the rise. Plus, it comes with the perks of having a multi-cultural family!

So, what is AMWF wedding?

Like any wedding, it is the union of two people. The only difference is the groom is a native of Asia, and the bride is from the West. Some often refer to it as the ‘Asian Fetish.’ But let’s be real here. Whatever others might name it, if it’s for love, then they’ll come around one day or the other.

Now, planning for a wedding is often complicated, and it’s quite stressful. But throw in the varied cultures, the different customs, the religion, and family drama into the mix, you’ll get a whole up notched level of complexity. Just hope that the final outcome is one that will blow yours and their mind away.

Tips to help out

It’s definitely not going to be easy to plan a wedding involving different culture and race. So, here are some tips to help in planning the dream wedding.

  1. Communicate 

Communication is the key here. Communicating openly with your fiancé and with both sides of the brood will help lots. Discussing the incorporation of traditions to the chalking out of the plans will be beneficial as well as therapeutic.

  1. It’s your wedding

Clear to both the families that it’s your wedding. Clearing the air in the initial stages of planning will aid immensely. This will also make both sides to work cohesively.

  1. Pick the right venue.

It’s seriously a headache when it comes to picking the venue for your wedding. You will have to take into account the various factors that need to align to make it all happen.

So, pick a venue that will cater to your needs and wants as well. Also, make sure that you can hold your wedding in the picked venue with the various traditions.

  1. Decide on having pre-marital counseling.

Getting professional assistance and counseling will help build your marriage on a strong foundation. Talking and communicating will help gain positive insight and perspectives.

To stand the test of time in marriage, clarifying expectations and doubts will help you to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

  1. Don’t over-complicate your wedding with the traditions. 

It is often said that simplicity is the key to making things perfect. So, if your backgrounds contrast sharply, keeping it simple will make it easier. Too much indulgence in the traditions will complicate the wedding.

  1. Add your touch to the ceremony. 

Personalizing your ceremony will add an edge to the wedding. Designing the ceremony that honors the traditions and the culture of both families will make the ceremony rich, vibrant, and lively.

An idea can be adding a touch of your culture in the floral decoration or in the reception venue. It is not necessary that the ritual has to be incorporated in the ceremony. One can always improvise.

  1. Understand the wedding rituals. 

If you are planning to include traditional rituals at your wedding, providing a brief explanation will be helpful. Also, experiencing and witnessing a new ritual will be a bonus for the wedding guests.

  1. Improvise the rituals into the ceremony

Many cultures across Asian countries have varied customs and traditions. These traditions and rituals have evolved over the years, owing to modernization. So, what you can do is improvise the rituals and traditions to mold it into your ceremony.

  1. Take the inventive food route

What is a wedding without food! Food is the one language that cuts through every barrier.

So, put on the thinking cap and get started with mix and matching the food you’re your culture. Today, fusion cuisine is trending and is massively popular. So, cook up a versatile gourmet statement and show the guests the exquisite blending of the two cultures.

  1. Family dance classes

Next to food, dance is one form that speaks every language. So, including dance classes for the whole family will help in breaking the ice. Maybe dancing together will also bring about co-operation and understanding between the family.

Not only will this help them to get along better, but this will also help them to relax and have fun and enjoy the get-together.

  1. Be you

Most of the time in the hustle of planning aa wedding, we forget the core reason for the ceremony. Therefore, take a step back, breathe in, and enjoy the experience.

Lastly, be true to yourself and make the ceremony that celebrates both of you.

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