Andrew Yang is America’s President for 2020 [+VIDEO]

Andrew Yang is America’s President for 2020 [+VIDEO]

It is less than a year and a half away from the next presidential election, and the race to the white house is already overcrowded. It is crucial for the Democrats to file a widely respected and capable candidate to take down the most divisive Commander In Chief the US has ever elected. The Democrats cannot possibly fathom to live four more years under a highly dictatorial Republican. And after the Never-Hillary fiasco in the preceding elections, the Democrats better field a candidate that can not only draw the Blue states but also some of the Reds.

17 candidates, as of writing, have already placed their nominations for the race. Even though eminent Democrats like Tulsi Gabbard and Former Vice POTUS Joe Biden have received the most spotlight, Entrepreneur turned presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, is here to give a tough fight for the most influential job in the world. Under his “Humanity First” campaign, Yang provides a vision of a new America centered around human welfare and development.

Meet Andrew Yang

He is a philanthropist, entrepreneur and lawyer turned politician who founded the not for profit Venture For America, with a dream to generate employment by engaging the younger generation in entrepreneurship and making necessary skills and knowledge accessible.

He Wants to help build your dreams

You must have heard of Universal Basic Income. As controversial as it sounds, it is actually very sane and sensible. Elon Musk confirmed that artificial intelligence would replace the workforce in the future. He also noted artificial intelligence to be a much critical problem than even North Korea. That says quite a lot. If your car can drive by itself in the near future, what makes you think they can’t do your job better? This notion is supported by many eminent entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg who agree that in the near future the government will have no other option but to give a basic income to its citizens. This is the only way that society can survive.

Andrew Yang is much aware of this. He is much ahead of his time. New York Times has also noted that he is the only one with a focus on “The robot apocalypse.” In a tech-savvy era, his motion for a basic universal income or “Future Dividend” as he refers is not only feasible but also needed. He wants to grant every American above the age of 18, on no other criteria, a monthly stipend of $1000. There will be no governmental regulation of what you do with this income. You can use it to pay off your monthly bills, invest a little for your future, indulge in entrepreneurship and in general make your life easier. This also serves as a reimbursement for jobs lost.

Most jobs lost to technology will be low-income jobs that don’t necessarily require a degree like call centers, truck drivers, retail workers, etc. Almost 4 million jobs have already been lost to automation. The future is even harsher. Remember that there is surgical technology being invented that can perform the job of a surgeon with better accuracy. It might be low-income jobs now, but it won’t be long till automation does every job imaginable.

Yang’s policy of giving a universal income is only rational. He wants to set the stepping stone so that Americans can realize their dreams. A universal income will not reduce the value of working or make citizens lazy but will encourage and motivate them to pursue higher.

He can create Jobs

Understanding how the economy works and actually materializing employment is not an entry-level job. It needs actual experience and knowledge. He is not a career politician-he is an entrepreneur. He actually understands the economy, and this is what makes him stand apart from a group of politicians who don’t understand even the basics of economics. It’s very clear for yang that for creating jobs, an unprecedented change needs to be made.

Yang studied politics and economics from the Ivy League brown college and would later go on to pursue a law degree from Columbia. In his thirties, yang would go on to establish an education company that would become number one in the nation. After his company was bought, Yang would use his earnings and savings to devote himself to creating more employment in cities dismantled by the financial crisis. This inculcated Yang with the functioning of the economy and how entrepreneurship can lead to the fabrication of more employment. Through this experience, Yang would go on to initiate Venture For America with an ambition of generating more workforce in rust belt cities. Through his Venture For America, Yang has added thousands of jobs. Unlike other candidates who only talk about creating jobs, he has already done it before even getting elected. Action speaks louder than words. And Yang plans to achieve these results at a macro level.

If his Future Dividend is set in motion, it is expected to net 13.10 economic growth permanently and increase the workforce to 4.7 million. His campaign is one that is data-driven.

Capitalism based on Humanism

Yang has introduced a different kind of capitalism through his campaign. A humane one. Capitalism that is centered around people and what the people needs and not corporate interests. It is evident that capitalism has led to the improvement of life, but most of the profit has been shared by the corporates and haven’t reached most of us Americans. Policies revolve around netting profits for corporates and not what the people need. Capitalism requires an update, and this has been one of Yang’s campaign highlights.

The current concentration of maximizing profit for corporates is detrimental for most Americans. This will only be aggravated with the advancement of technology.

A shift towards emphasizing on human welfare and not monetary profits is required. Yang has highlighted his tenets of Human Capitalism as:

  •    Human welfare is more essential than monetary gains
  •    The value of Human Capitalism is each individual
  •    Markets should strive for human-centered goal and values.

YangGang 2020 is rising

andrew yang cover

Starting as a long shot candidate, Andrew Yang has now cemented his position as a formidable candidate. From appearing on shows like Joe Rogan and Tucker Carson, Yang was able to promote his views to a large populace. He is also notable for appealing to millennials and has a huge online presence known as the ‘YangGang.’ Something very peculiar about Yang is that he appeals to both the left wing along with the right wing and even white nationalist(who he has continuously denied support of).

Joe Biden seems to be hawking the major share of the limelight, but Yang no longer registers as a longshot.  Some polls actually put Yang at more favorable odds than Tulsi Gabbard and Kristen Gillibrand.

Yang is a Taiwanese immigrant, has no governmental experience and endorses policies that are extremely left wing. Despite this, many conservatives have expressed interest in endorsing him. He seems to be able to unite a diverse set of people under his umbrella. This can be observed as based on dual reasons.

  •    Firstly, his policies make sense. It is vividly clear how automation has left millions of Americans jobless and self-driving trucks are just a few years away. Unlike Trump who vigorously blames immigrants for taking away jobs based on no real data or proof, yang actually proposes real solutions for real problems. Instead of nagging voters, Yang has found a way to actually convince people of the threats that exist and how to address them intelligently. He has a charisma that transcends political allegiance.
  •    Lastly, Yang has made it clear that he truly wants to represent every American. He does not attack the cultural foundation of 50% of the country. Neither does he seem interested in using his ethnic minority status to gain sympathy votes or create more noise. He advocates policies for all Americans and not just minorities, advocates for Americans to own guns to protect themselves while acknowledging that we need to prevent them from getting into the grasp of  the wrong people and openly admits that we need to tackle hard and controversial issues such as abortion, illegal immigration, and healthcare in a smart manner without sensationalizing or creating unnecessary drama around it.

America is divided not just on political lines but also on social. The ugly head of racism has popped up, which was believed to have been buried years ago. With increasing violence against minorities, separation of families at the border and police violence on blacks, America is inching slowly towards a civil war. This is perhaps the most crucial matter.

Andrew Yang was born to Taiwanese immigrant parents. He has recalled how in high school he was subjected to bullying and racial slurs. This eventually inspired him to root for the underdog. Yang has also mentioned how he planned to use the racial stereotype of being smart to save America. A smart president that actually knows how to lead a country. Instead of his tryst with racism and bullying bringing him down, it has instead made him more compassionate and inclusive. He has continuously appealed for a more inclusive America and also providing jobs for international students that get their degrees from American universities.

His campaign of “Humanity First” instead of adopting policies or rhetoric that maligns half of the country is what unites the people across the board. Not only does he have a grasp over how to create more jobs but he also has a first-hand experience over racism and will surely do a better job in mending the racial divide that Trump has already worsened. This is what America needs at this juncture. A man that unites. AMWF dating is getting more and more common, and Andrew Yang could definitely help bring AMWF couples and AMXF couples to be more accepted, because of the humanity first approach. Politics and economics have also shifted towards the Asian continent, and his Asian ancestry will definitely, even if minuscule, play an advantage while dealing with Asian powers.

Yang is radical, an anti-establishment and an outsider. It is going to be an arduous path towards the oval office. Mainstream media has ignored him until recently. His policies will definitely irk the elite and the establishment. But note that Trump himself was a complete outsider and we all know how that went. If Trump can do it, a more articulate, intelligent, educated, and compassionate outsider can sit in the oval office as well. And with Andrew Yang crossing the required 65,000 donors, yang has secured himself a spot in the primary democratic debate. YangGang is definitely here to stay.

Here’s his book if you want to know more about him:

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