Review of Hey-Ai, the FIRST AMWF Dating Site

Review of Hey-Ai, the FIRST AMWF Dating Site is an online dating website for Asian guys and non-Asian girls who want to meet and date. It is a popular AMWF website. With the advent of Globalization and technology, we see more and more interracial couples. It’s a great time for meeting people and getting to experience and learn about new cultures.

If you are learning a new language, dating a local is also a great motivation for learning the language. This is not to say that you should date just to learn the language, of course.

The not so fun part about AMWF dating is all the comments about yellow fever, fetishizing and objectifying AMWF couples. AMWF communities, despite these comments continue to exist because AMWF relationships come with their own unique set of problems and frustrations. Sharing solutions, talking about issues and also seeing other people succeed in their relationships helps.

Hey-ai has a huge user base. There are thousands of users. You can see how many are online. Having a big user base is important for a social networking site; this is especially true for a dating site. How are you going to meet or even talk to someone if there is no one to talk to. Hey-ai has a lot of online users, which mean you will get replies faster.

The website has been around for quite a while, and through the years it has gained more and more users. There are a lot of users, and you can find often user activity. The website is reliable, and the admins have set rules and regulations for the safety and enjoyment of the users of

The drawback of being an old website is that it hasn’t been updated and can use a revamp or redesign. The site looks old and has a few bugs that haven’t been resolved. If they made more effort and tried to resolve these small points, the website would be even better.

What can be said about the website is that it has brought a lot of AMWF couples together? You can even read about their stories. Hey-ai has a lot of beautiful success stories. Love is a beautiful thing, and it is wonderful to be able to bring two people together.

Matchmaking is in a lot of cultures said to be quite lucky, and the person who brings to people together is said to receive blessings good fortune. In Hinduism, it is even said to get rid of a lot of bad karma.

Hey-ai is open and has members from all over the world. Hey-ai has users from Asian, American, and European countries as well. Their user base is quite diverse. A Diverse base also means there will be more cultures you can learn about.

Cultures around the world are so different. Learning and experiencing different cultures is a fascinating and adventurous journey. One must always have an open mind and be willing to experience and accept these cultures.

Being knowledgeable about your significant other’s culture means you are a respectful and open-minded person. If you desire to be in an AMWF relationship, you must be willing to learn and experience different cultures. The effort you put into learning or being considerate will not leave you with the short stick.

Most people want to find acceptance and if you are rigid in your stance of not being able to concede in minor disputes. You are not meant to be in an AMWF relationship.

The website has a huge user base as mentioned earlier, and they have active forums for discussions varying from political stuff to cuisines. These forums are a great way to find out people with similar interests.

Some popular discussion forums are

  • What are you listening to now?
  • Anyone learning Chinese / want to practice Chinese?
  • Asian guys dating Latina girls.
  • What are you watching now?
  • Game of Thrones
  • What did you make today?

As you can see, current topics like tv shows and music are also quite a common interest amongst the users. If you a Fan of Game of Thrones then there is a place for you in the game of thrones forum.

It is easier to transition from talking about pop culture to more serious matters like relationships, this is not to say that you cannot find your one true love and know from the first moment, but a natural transition might be smoother and perhaps even easier.

Language forums on the site can help you find someone to practice the language with. It will be much easier to learn the language that way. If you end up dating, language learning will be boosted. They say the best way to learn a language is to date someone from that place.

The “date a local” advice is often given by celebs on Korean television shows, who are non-Korean but live and work in Korea as idols. In an interview, Jackson a popular idol from the boy group GOT7 who is also from Hong Kong said that dating a Korean helped him learn the language faster and then proceeded act silly to hide his embarrassment.

So, go join hey-ai to meet new people and try your hand at online dating. You never know who you will meet. With enough patience, you might just meet your life partner. Asian guys and non-Asian women use hey-ai to connect. You can use the site for dating or even to have conversations about hobbies.

This site is also an easy way to find a partner to practice a language. There are forums dedicated to learning languages. You will find people to practice with. If you are looking to find someone to help you learn new languages like Chinese or Japanese, this is the site for you.

If you get bored, you can also read articles and interviews with a broad range of topics. You can also browse through a gallery of AMWF couple pictures. The AMWF scene also has an Instagram page dedicated to AMWF couples you can browse through their collections on

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