Shocking: Asian Racism in the US Military Unveiled (With Examples)

Shocking: Asian Racism in the US Military Unveiled (With Examples)

The world has witnessed tremendous growth in the past few decades. The advancement in science and technology has made the world a global village. Billions of people have social media accounts, and millions of people travel to other countries every day. The world is more interconnected than we think. Economies of the world are in a way dependent on one another. It’s as if there is a mass movement, and the whole world is in unison when it comes to fashion, music, and movies.

Humans have triumphed by leaps and bounds and have come a long way since the time of our forefathers. But, can we confidently say we are secure? Are we really progressing? The answer is yes, and no. There is always a regression in some spheres when progress is made in the other. It’s interesting to note that the world joins hands to combat global issues like climate change and terrorism. But what have we done to tackle racism? It is sad but true; racism still exists in our modern society in places like the United States of America. If you’re new here and wondering what is AMWF? We also wanted to include the negative aspects of AMWF dating and relationships: you’re sure to face some discrimination in some part of the world – especially the west.

white supremacy racist ryan jorgensen

Ryan Jorgensen, a racist white supremacist.

And it is prevalent even in the US military. It is the last place you would expect something this redundant. After all, don’t we all look up to them for protection and security? The notion of white superiority still exists in some form.

Asian Americans have been the target of this malicious crime for many years which continue till today. Racial discrimination in the form of racial slurs and name teasing is very common, especially in educational institutions and workplaces. Students in colleges and Universities, have to endure unimaginable harassment for years to acquire their degrees and certificates. They are made the subject of laughter because of their last name, or their accent. Numerous cases of racial abuse or discrimination against the Americans of Asian descent are reported every day even in social media. Racism is a deadly virus that’s ravaging the society.

American Born Chinese Racism

Sad but true: there is American Born Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc. Racism. A dangerous form of racism Asian Americans are confronted with after a childhood of brainwashing from American media. Kids just want to fit in.

Discrimination and Racism in the Military and Beyond.

Asian Americans have been serving the great nation of America for hundreds of years. They have fought countless wars on behalf of the United States ever since the war of 1812. Asian Americans fought for both sides during the American civil war. Some have even received the prestigious Medal of Honor.

In spite of their service and contribution to the country, Asian Americans have to deal with the racial discriminations hitherto. Asians are not distinguished from others by their dedication, their performance, their ability, and their knowledge. Their only distinguishing feature is their Asian facial features and the way they speak with an accent. This racism extends to groups all over Asia beyond East Asians. For example: Anu Bhagwati, an Indian American was an officer in the Marines. But even as an officer she was harassed and discriminated.

danny chen suicide racism

In fact, there has been an incident where an Asian American in the military died by suicide because he was harassed and discriminated mercilessly. Danny Chen, a 19-year-old Chinese American, joined the American military force after high school. When he was deployed to Afghanistan, he was the only Chinese in his unit. The others perpetually harassed him; they would tease him about his name, shower racial slurs, ask him rhetoric questions, abuse him physically and even forced him to shout orders in Chinese wearing a construction hat. Chen ultimately took his own life; he was found dead in the guardhouse.

Such heartbreaking incidents come as no surprise for those Asian Americans who have been in military service. They have been through hell and back. Who knows when the next incident will happen, and how the rest of the Americans will respond to it. How long will this go on? We never know.

Jeremy Lin, a basketball star was featured in the headlines by ESPN with the derogatory expression appearing twice. The expression was also used in the anchor commentary in reference to the star player.

US Army racist tweet chinks slur chinese

In another recent case, a Twitter post which sparked off a controversy was taken down by the army after receiving numerous accusations and criticisms. The tweet which read “Chink in special ops” digital and physical armor pose challenges was deleted by the military without an apology. Furthermore, the army in spite of being accused of using a racial slur in the social media had no intention of offering an apology to the Asian community. They claimed that there is no racial offence in the expression.

The term “chink” is considered offensive and is used to refer to the people of Chinese descent. Lt. Col. Alayne Conway said in an e-mail that, the word is a proper noun which means “crack “ or “ fissure” according to Webster’s dictionary, and has been in use for over 600 years. It was also mentioned that it was not their intention to offend anyone. But, does everyone agree with it? No, it was made clear time and again that the word “chink” is seen and considered as an offensive racial slur by the whole of the Asian community. For any decent and egalitarian individual, it is not right, and obviously not acceptable taking down a post without an apology.

The world is only as beautiful as its rich human diversity. Isn’t it the reason why we travel around the world, learn a new language, traditions, food, music and learn about other cultures? America is a nation which other countries, especially the developing countries look up to. Its economy, military force, advancement in science and technology are a huge influence on these countries.

The question is, who is responsible for these achievements? The success of a country is achieved only through collective responsibility. Everyone deserves to have equal responsibility and shared opportunities. The weakest link of a chain determines the strength of the entire chain. A rainbow will lose its beauty if it’s made of a single color. Why then do we fail to accept each other? Why do we breed so much hate?

A platform like social media is a very sensitive place; it is very unwise to post any content on the internet platform without considering its consequences. Many people won’t agree with this, and many more will deny it. But the United States, in general, has a long way to go in terminating this cancerous disease – racial discrimination against Asian Americans.

Asian American community has made several calls to retire the term “chink” which can be traced back to 1400s. The problem of racism is growing, and it will continue to be a growing stump in the progress of the society if necessary measures are not taken. The efforts made by Asian Americans in their quest to eliminate racism can be seen as fruitless.

xi jinping chink racist tweet

Even the Wall Street Journal seems to be ignorant about the efforts made by Asian Americans regarding the use of the expression “chink”. In 2015, the Wall Street Journal posted a link to an article about the Chinese President Xi Jinping, on Twitter using a racial slur. The Wall Street Journal deleted the tweet two hours later, making the same old excuse, “No offence was intended”. Also, as usual, no apology was made. This infuriated many people, and despite their demand for an apology, the Wall Street Journal turned a deaf ear. This is obviously not the first time where the use of the phrase has resurfaced heated debates in recent times.

The media is always ahead of others in acquiring news and pieces of information. How then, is it that they claim they are not aware of such offensive expression as ‘chink’? Are we supposed to believe them when they say “it was not intended to offend anyone”? The western media’s bias against the Asian countries, mainly China is clearly seen and heard of. Often termed by western media as conservative and traditional country, and viewed as a threat that may disrupt the liberal world order. China’s global economic influence is overwhelming; its rapid growth perhaps threatens the western liberal media.

Asian Racism is in practice even in the entertainment industry like movies and music. When Bruce Lee entered the film industry, the owners of the studio were not sure if the American audiences would welcome a “non – American” hero. However, the astounding worldwide success of ‘Enter the Dragon’ proved them wrong. Although sadly, Lee did not survive to make another Hollywood movie, and it is heartening to see that the entertainment industry is on an effort to be inclusive, and to diversify. The movie Crazy Rich Asians is one of those examples. However, unintentional discrimination, casual racism, and discrimination jokes still linger in Hollywood.

Just recently, a US rapper Lil Pump released a racist music video on social media. The lyrics to his song ‘Butterfly doors’ read, “smoking on dope, they call me Yao Ming, cause my eyes real low.” He then mocks the Asian by pulling his eyelids, a common gesture. Model Gigi Hadid had also landed in hot waters because of a similar incident.

Anti Asian Sentiment – How can it be exterminated, what can we do.

It’s apparently the distrust, suspicion, and misunderstanding that create tension between two or more ethnic groups, which ultimately results in violence. Lack of depravity and consciousness won’t do any good. Human values are degenerating, though we are yet to see the clearer picture. The level of capacity and irrationality fueled by racist ideology is soaring high among the people at a global level.

Racism is a serious offence, immoral, and it has to be stopped. All Asians need to come together to win this battle. We need to put our individual differences and prejudice aside and gather as one for our future, for the future of our children. Every individual’s participation is required root out racism. Let us make history so that our kids will remember us when we are long gone. If racism is a problem today, will it not be a problem for the next generation if we just stand and watch. One of our children could be the next Danny who took his own life. Is that what you want?

Let us learn and draw inspiration from these young Chinese students at Columbia University in New York. These students were often exposed to racial discrimination by a group of racist vandals. At one point of time, all the Chinese name tags were ripped off from dorm doors in a racist prank by the same group. Feeling the need to do something to make their voice heard, these students decided to make a video about their names; they talked about the message in their Chinese names.

This video was made with an intention to show the community on the campus. However, they were shocked by the overwhelming response they got when they posted it on Facebook. Millions of people around the world joined in within a few days. The video went viral and was even shared in major cities like Toronto, Sydney, London, Paris, and Moscow.

If a few numbers of students can spark off a movement like this one, it can be said with confidence that the war against Asian racism can be won if everyone is willing to do what it takes — creating and spreading awareness through social media in an excellent way to begin.

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We hope that this article will help you better understand the seriousness of the Asian racism. How hard it is being an Asian person in the US military, and how Asians born in the West often live a pain inflicted life. Pain which is hidden from outsiders of course, perhaps because of Asian cultures wanting to save face. If you have any ideas or opinions that can help improve the situation in the US military or the the West in general, don’t keep it to yourself. Share them with this community. Do post your comments in the blog. There is not much a single person can do to change the world seeped in discrimination, but together we can raise a voice. And that, is a powerful thing.

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