Tips: Asian Men Dating White Women

Tips: Asian Men Dating White Women

Dating is fun and when your date is from a different background or different cultures, it becomes all the more exciting and interesting. AMWF or what we call the Asian man white female dating is on the rise. If you are an Asian man and are interested in dating white females, then you are on the right page. We have many things to discuss on how an Asian man can date a white female. 

There are many factors to consider when an Asian man decides to date a white woman. There are many positive aspects as well as some negative aspects that you have to deal with. It is not easy for an Asian man to date a white woman due to cultural barriers, but it is not impossible either. For example, Jihoon and Deavan saw many issues including communication and cultural barriers.

There are many barriers and myths to overcome. Let us look at a few tips on how an Asian men can go about dating a white female.


When an Asian man dates a white female, the first major hurdle is breaking the cultural barriers. When two people meet from completely different cultures, there will be some kind of cultural shock. The white females are brought up in a free culture unlike in Asia, which is very strict and disciplined. So unless both partners are raised in the same culture, they will need to find the right balance between a free spirit and a strict soul. 


When an Asian man meets a white woman, another hurdle is the language barrier. Because of this barrier, there may be difficulty expressing your thoughts and ideas to each other. Communication barriers can bring misunderstandings in the relationship. To overcome this obstacle, learning each others’ languages will help bridge the gap and bring you closer to each other.


Most of the Asian men grew up with the notion that they should not date western women, but they should date only Asian women. This is prominent among Asian parents’ – what they tell their children as they grow up. Most of them were taught to date within their race so that they will bear Asian children only. These Asian men have the mindset that it is not okay to date white women, even though they might love to date these western women. They need to outgrow this mindset and explore ways of dating women from other ethnicities.


Some Asian men consider getting to date a white woman as something to be proud of or to show off to others. A white woman might romanticize an Asian man who looks like a Kpop star. This is not right; you must look beyond their race and look for qualities in them that appeal to you.  


For some Asian men, whether they are born and raised in western countries or Asia may have insecurities about many things. Culturally, Asian culture has a lot of requirements for both the man and woman. Money, height, status, their job – when it comes to dating, these are often big considerations for both partners. For example,  white women are much taller than Asian men, so in some cases, they shy away from approaching the tall white women. They are intimidated by the height of white women. But they need to understand that it is okay to date white women. If they try harder, they will realize that the tall white women can also show interest in Asian men, who are way shorter than them.


Some Asian men believe that they do not have a chance at all with white women. On the other hand, some white women would love to date a man who looks like a k-pop star. Often, it is common that white women who prefer Asians often date Asians exclusively and vice-versa for Asian men. Dating those who are Asian when you’re white, or white when you’re Asian may have insecurities that pile up. Both before and after dating. Pre-dating, the man may lack the confidence to approach the beautiful white women because of their insecurities. Since dating inter-culturally is always harder, partners need to understand that, they have to try a little bit harder sometimes – because often people prefer dating within their own culture. You never know unless you try and keep trying. It is possible they may be interested in Asian men as well.


Most Asian men are skinnier when compared with white or black men. It is easier for white or black men to build muscles on their bodies. Asian men are lean and therefore, they need to work harder physically to gain muscles on the body. A great body can lead to more confidence and they can go out and approach any white women. They need to really work hard at the gym to achieve a great physique to be able to attract white women.


Asian men are brought up with the idea that showing public display of affection is not right. But for the white women, they are free to show physical affection even in public places. Asian men have reservations about going public with their affections. This can put white women off, as it is natural for them to show affection anywhere. For this matter, Asian men need to adapt more towards the western style of showing public display of affection. Without the physical display of affection, the white women may pull away from the Asian men thinking they are not interested in them.


Most Asian men are brought up with the idea to be hardworking but work in silence, not to speak up and to blend with the masses. This may work well with the Asian women, but not with the white women who are often very expressive. White women are brought up different environment, where they are taught to speak up and express their feelings. They are not silent in nature; they have a different mindset and say what comes to their mind. So, both partners need to recognize this and meet in the middle.

As discussed above, it is not easy for two people from completely different backgrounds and cultures to blend together. It will take some time and effort to overcome the hurdles, to make major adjustments and make the relationship work. But with love and sincerity in the relationship, it is possible to cross all barriers and make it work. 



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