Top 18 Sexy Celebrity AMWF Couples (with PICTURES!)

Top 18 Sexy Celebrity AMWF Couples (with PICTURES!)

Every couple encounters their ups and downs, and for Asian Male and White Female couples, it can be a wild rollercoaster ride filled with equal excitement and equal challenges. AMWF couples have stolen the limelight recently. It may come as a surprise, but if you take a close look at the rich and famous, you will be surprised at how many AMWF couples there are. 

If you are already in an AMWF relationship or desires to be in one, here are 15 adorable AMWF couples to give you some inspiration.

  1.   Justin Chon and Sasha Chon

justin chon sasha chon

Justin Chon is an Asian American actor who played the role of Eric Yorkie in the infamous Twilight Saga which premiered in 2008. He also directed the widely appreciated film Gook in 2017. By the way, check out some AMWF movies – you’ll love them.

Justin Chon married his stunning model wife Sasha Egorovagot in 2014. Before sharing their vows, This adorable duo courted for three years. 

In 2017, Justin delighted his fans when he declared that his wife was pregnant by posting a photo of his pregnant spouse on his Instagram account.

On January 1, 2018, The Chon family welcomed their first child, an adorable girl. However, they have not publicly disclosed the name of their daughter.

Justin Chon also has a youtube channel where he has shared details about their relationship. These two have always been an adorable duo, and with the addition of a baby, things are surely looking exciting for these two.

  1.   Guanchen Liu and Anke Baas

guangchen liu anke bass

Guanchen is a Chinese/American model who has walked the ramp for the most elite fashion houses. His wife, the equally stunning, Anke Baas is also a reputed model from the Netherlands. 

Guanchen is also a professional Opera singer and is known for his deep and manly voice. They are both fashion photography enthusiasts and share their captures on their website as well as on their shared Instagram page.

These super gorgeous love birds have been together for three years, and their love only seems to be getting stronger. 

  1.   Larisa Burakova and Mike Li

Larisa Burakova and Mike Li

Larisa Burakova is a leading Ukranian model based in Taiwan. She is known for her appearances in Taiwanese movies and dramas. She was a professional gymnast winning numerous national level competitions. At just age 18, she was crowned Miss Kiev. She also earned a masters degree in economics. 

After a lengthy battle, she was finally awarded Taiwanese citizenship in 2013. She married a Taiwanese man, Mike Li, in 2015 and they have a daughter. 

After hard times, this stunning Ukranian was finally able to gain citizenship and marry her Asian love.

  1.   Anna Chlumsky and Shaun So

Anna Chlumsky and Shaun So

The Charismatic and talented Anna Chlumsky is a five-time Emmy award nominee. She played the lead role in My Girl as a Child actress and received further recognition for her portrayal of Amy Bookheimer in Veep. She has also starred in numerous acclaimed independent movies. 

Chlumsky announced her engagement to army reserve Shaun SO in 2007 and the duo tied the knots in 2008. Shaun So was stationed in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2006. These two love birds go way back when they met each other as college students in 2000. They strengthened their love when they welcome their first child in 2013 and another one in 2016, both girls.

Their love is a classic example of how AMFW can endure the test of time and come out stronger. From college sweethearts to being separated during Shaun’s deployment, getting married, and finally having children, these two are a true epitome of an AMWF fairytale story.

  1.   Beenzino and Stefanie Michova

Beenzino and Stefanie Michova

Lim Sung Bin is a multi-talented rapper popularly known as Beenzino who is currently under Illionaire records. He has collaborated with numerous producers and artists and has released three albums. He is adored for his trademark melodious style of rapping.

After cementing his position, Beenzino achieved mainstream recognition with his single “Dali, Van, Picasso”. 

Beenzino has been dating German model and actress Stefanie Michova since 2015. After being released from the military in February 2019, Beenzino was seen being welcome with affection and tears by his stunning girlfriend who uploaded their reunion on her Instagram account. Check out AMWF Scene’s AMWF Instagram page!

Beenzino has remarked that it was Stefanie’s simplicity and good heart that attracted him the most. It goes on to show, how beyond mere physical attraction, AMWF couples can connect heart to heart.

  1.   James Yap and Michela Cazzola

James Yap and Michela Cazzola

James Yap is a decorated professional basketball player from the Philippines. Yap engages the shooting guard position and is also skilled at playing small forward. 

Aside from this trademark offense, Yap has also cemented his defensive abilities and is known by the nickname “Big Game James”. In 2006, Yap scored his very first MVP game. 

Yap has established himself as one of the most prominent players in his league. In Purefoods history, Yap sits as one of the highest scorers in history.

James met his Italian banker girlfriend Michela Cazzola in 2011 but did not begin courting until they went to Italy together in 2012. They have a son together who was born in 2016.

Both of them are practicing Catholics and as such, baptized their child in the Catholic faith.

  1.   Kelvin Han Yee and Margarita Pidgeon

Kelvin Han Yee and Margarita Pidgeon

Kelvin Han Yee is an Asian American actor who has appeared in numerous films and television series throughout his long-enduring career. He has also acted in independent movies like Silver Case and Wedding Palance. 

He is widely respected for pioneering Asian Americans in Theatre. His prominent appearances in leading shows include 9-1-1, Greys Anatomy, GLOW, and Scorpion among numerous others.

Margarita Pidgeon is an equally reputed and talented hairstylist. She is known for her works on Rush Hour 3, Scorpion and Sons of Anarchy.

This couple has been married since 2010, and their love seems to be only getting stronger.

  1.   Norman Mineta and Danealia Mineta
Norman Mineta and Danealia Mineta
WASHINGTON – FEBRUARY 22: Transportation Secretary Norman Y. Mineta and his wife Danealia arrive for a dinner hosted by President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush for the National Governors Association (NGA) February 22, 2004 at the White House in Washington, DC. The NGA is holding its 2004 Winter Meeting in Washington. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Love transcends boundaries. You must be familiar with AMWF couples in the film industry, but there are equally powerful and prominent AMWF couples in politics and government as well. 

Norman Mineta has served the Bush administration as Secretary of Transportation,  becoming the longest serving transportation secretary in the department’s history. He also served in Clintons Administration as Commerce Secretary for six months. 

In 1991, Norman married a stunning American flight attendant Danealia Brantner. They have a huge family with 4 children and eleven grandchildren. 

Norman has retired and currently resides in Annapolis, Maryland with his beautiful wife. He still tours the country and continues to inspire the younger generation. 

  1.   Kwon Tae Ho and his Russian girlfriend

Kwon Tae Ho and his Russian girlfriend

Tae Ho is a Korean actor and fitness model. He is known for starring in Kdrama dear my friends and movies Action Boys and The New World.

He was seen supporting his stunning Russian girlfriend at World Beauty Queen 2018 edition.

  1.     Rene Gube and Briga Heelan

Rene Gube and Briga Heelan

Rene Gube is a multi-talented Filipino American comedian, actor, and writer. He is widely known for portraying the role of Threepeat on the popular sitcom Ground Floor. He also had a recurring role on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. 

An accomplished actress herself, Briga Heelan has graced the screens on Ground Floor, Undateable, and recently on Great News.

From co-stars to a gorgeous couple to husband and wife, these two tied the knot in 2015. They welcomed their first child in 2017.

  1.     Koichi Wakata and Stefanie Altenburg

Koichi Wakata is the first Japanese astronaut to become commander of International Space Station. A career lasting almost two decades, Wakata has registered more than eleven months of space missions. 

He was also the first to be accompanied by a humanoid space astronaut in one of his space ventures.

Wakata is married to a German woman Stefanie with whom he has a son. 

  1.     Yumjaagiin Tsedenbal and Anastasia Filatova

Serving for more than four decades, Tsedenbal has served more than any leader in any Eastern bloc country. He was the undisputed leader of Mongolia from 1940 to 1984. 

Anastasia Filatova was the wife of Tsedenbal. Despite resorting to a low profile, she went out to carve a political role in later years. She was often cited as the most powerful person in Mongolia.

Tsedenbal was eventually ousted by a Soviet-backed move and died in 2001. After her husband’s demise, Filatova outlived her husband by a decade. They are survived by two sons.

AMWF political couples are often unheard of, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Tsedenbal and Filatova show that Asian males and white females can be not only an empathetic and beautiful racial couple but also a powerful one.

  1.     James Kyson and Jamee Kyson

Most noted for portraying the dorky and adorable Ando Masahashi in the iconic series Heroes, James Kyson is an Asian American actor who has appeared on numerous television and cinematic works. His most noted appearances include NCIS: Los Angeles, Criminal Minds and Sleepy Hollow. 

Since 2015, James Kyson has been married to a beautiful White American Neuroscientist and Singer/Songwriter Jamee.

This lovely duo isn’t afraid to declare their love to the world and has often shared affectionate pictures of each other on their social media. Their wedding highlights are also available for their fans on Jamee’s youtube account. Definitely a love-struck AMWF couple.

  1.     David Ying and Elinor Freer

David Ying and Elinor Feer are not your usual AMWf couple. Despite their affection for each other, they also share similar taste in music, and both of them are professional musicians. 

Music definitely connects the soul. Ying is an exalted Cellist and plays with the Ying Quartet. With the Ying Quartet, David has released numerous acclaimed releases which have garnered numerous accolades including four Grammy nominations and a Grammy.

Elinor Frees is also a classically trained and accomplished pianist. She has performed throughout the world and is a faculty on Eastman School of Music.  

These two are world-renowned musicians. Other than their love for each other, this AMWF couple shares an equal love for music. They have toured and taught together across the continent.

Definitely an extraordinarily talented AMWF couple.

  1.     Randall Pich and Sara Ann

AMWF couples truly exist in every sphere of life. From music to politics to entertainment, Randall Pich and Sara Ann are a fitness enthusiast AMWF couple that is very influential in the fitness industry.

Pich is the CEO of the million dollar industry Live Fit. Pich is also a graphic designer and a personal trainer. 

Since October 2018, Pich has been in a relationship with Sara Ann, who is also in the fitness industry. The couple often shares lovey-dovey pictures of each other on their social media accounts. 

They are truly living in the moment and cherishing their romance. So far, neither of the two have made announcements on an engagement or marriage.

  1.     Katie Bouman and Joe Leong

Katie Bouman is a brilliant scientist working in the sphere of imaging. She was the pioneer in developing an algorithm for imaging black holes. Bouman was also a part of the team that took the first picture of a black hole.

Bouman has a bright future and is anticipated to join as an assistant professor at California Institue of Technology.

Bouman married her Asian husband on Joe Leong in 2018. She uploaded pictures of her wedding day in December 2018.

This AMWF couple is very supportive of each other, and both are very occupied with their careers.

  1.     Adrian Tomine and Sarah Brennan

Adrian Tomine is a celebrated contemporary cartoonist known for his works on the New York Times and series Optics Nerve. He has also written Killing and Dying, a graphic novel, which was garlanded by critics. 

In 2004, Adrian Tomine married his Scottish American wife Sarah Brennan. In 2009, the couple welcomed their first baby.

Adrain has continuously illustrated how parenthood opened a new creative door for him. He has always noted his family for continuously inspiring him in his work.

  1.     Dianne Farr and Seung Yong Chung

Actress, writer and Producer, Dianne Farr is noted for her talented portrayal of an FBI agent in Numb3rs and firefighter in Rescue me.

In 2006, she married her Asian husband Seung Yon Chung, who is a marketing executive. Their family consists of a son and two beautiful twin daughters.

Not just that, her romance with an Asian man has inspired her to write an interracial romance book called Kissing Outside the Lines.


Being an AMWF couple has its own share of unique problems, but they also seem to have their own exclusive moments that cannot be experienced by any other couple. The above mentioned iconic AMWF couples illustrate that these couples can endure all and come out on top. 

Cultural differences, instead of being a drawback can instead only enrich the romance with excitement and distinct nuances. Asian males and white females are different from each other, yet at the same time, their differences complement and balance each other very well. It is no wonder AMWF couples have seen a rise in years. 


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