Website Traffic Update for May! (With Google Analytics Picture Proof!)

Website Traffic Update for May! (With Google Analytics Picture Proof!)

In this post, we’re going to show you guys just how much our site is growing and we hope to see more growth next month!

Traffic Graph

Traffic Graph from April 8 to May 8

Here’s a graph of our traffic from April 8,2019 to May 8, 2019. We started producing more blog posts in mid April, which caused a massive spike in traffic.

Users & New Readers

Users and New Users from April 8 to May 8.

We received 5397 unique users in 1 month! Most of which are new users, because our site is new. Thanks everyone for reading! Our favorite and most popular posts include: What is AMWF? and our article on Military Racism and famous AMWF couples.

Alexa Ranking

AMWF Scene Alexa Rank

Our Alexa rank in the United States is now 322,407. Making us the 322,407-th most visited website in the USA! Nicely done!


Age and Gender of AMWF Scene readers

Our readers are mostly between 25-35 years old. 78.3% of our readers this month were male, so we’ll work on providing better content for men, and creating more content for women!


Country users for our websiteThe majority of our readers are based in the United States and America, which is not surprising considering our English content. We’d love to produce content in other languages in the future, perhaps German translations are next!

Active and Returning Users

A nice overview of our active user growth for this month. Thanks everyone for reading our blog! Our website is still new and we are getting better at perfecting it.

We’re open to guest posts and articles who are in the AMWF space. If you have a book, product, blog, Youtube channel, or whatever – just contact us via email or Instagram! We’d love you feature you and your content on our blog for free!

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