What is AMWF? Everything on AMWF Dating & Relationships. (NEW Guide)
Shoshanna and Byron from the show "Girls".

What is AMWF? Everything on AMWF Dating & Relationships. (NEW Guide)

What’s it like when an Asian guy and a White girl date? Is this AMWF relationship any different from others? A relationship takes more than just love. It takes a lot of work from both people to sustain it. It’s vital to pick the right person from the start so you don’t potentially waste months or years of your life. After all, people are difficult to change. Relationships begin with love, to keep it up, you need: mutual understanding, communication, new experiences, security, respect, self-improvement from both sides, a playful dynamic and great sex. After all, a relationship without sex is closer to a just a friendship.

It gets more interesting with intercultural relationships. You need respect and appreciation for your partner’s beliefs, culture, the way they look, and the way they do things. It can be a big part of their identity. We understand if AMWF couples sometimes have a difficult time, because these relationships still constitute a small minority in the interracial community. It’s only been a couple of years since the term AMWF which stands for “Asian Male White Female” popped up. People are still learning about these relationships. And while we are experiencing a growth in AMWF relationships due to varying trends like K-pop growth, couples still face a lack of representation on screen in American Hollywood media. You can certainly find a lot of them on Youtube though!

Let me break it down for you and walk you through some parts of an AMWF relationship. But before I do that, let’s get the house cleaning out of the way.

What is AMWF?

Simply put, this is a term to describe a romantic relationship between an Asian Male and a White Female (AMWF). Instead of marrying or dating for fetishism, prestige or race, AMWF relationships are based on love and respect between two equal partners. These are two confident and independent individuals getting together in a mutual romantic union because of their love and respect for each other as individuals.

Now that we have it out of the way let’s get into the nitty-gritty of AMWF relationships. Let’s start with a few awesome points about AMWF and AMXF relationships.

AMWF Couples & Love


You can’t beat that fluttery feeling of being in love. AMWF love can be even more exciting. I’ve had some memorable moments but none of it can beat the feeling of knowing that someone loves you back just as much as you love them. Sure love is not enough to fix all issues in a relationship, but it certainly does help. Don’t you just love being in love?

It’s exciting not knowing what surprise awaits me in the next turn when there is so much to discover in an AMWF relationship.

An Amazing AMWF Community

Here are some amazing AMWF books, websites, and communities! Check out some of our favorites:

AMWF Dating: Family & Communication

chinese calligraphy

This is the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they talk about AMWF family relationships. Are there problems communicating with each other? Actually, in many AMWF relationships, both partners can speak one common language quite well! Your partner may speak your language fluently or you theirs. The trouble though, is what about your families? Language barriers are quite common when it comes to communicating with each other’s family members especially when you’re interacting with the older generations. As far as everyday communication however, we think you’ll do fine!

It can be fun to learn your partner’s language, and be an amazing way for AMWF couples to relate. For an AMWF couple, you may teach each other a few phrases for fun in another language. Remember, that are a lot of famous amwf couples out there.

Individual and Cultural Differences

This is probably one of the hardest parts about being in an interracial relationship. There are always individual differences between people. In interracial couples between Asian and White partners, there can be cultural differences sometimes. You know, sometimes you can’t see eye to eye on everything, and you have to learn how to confront the issues and fix them. A open discussion discussion with your Asian boyfriend or husband or White girlfriend or wife can be really helpful, and a step towards solving the problem.

In terms of beliefs, the majority of the world is moving towards progressive so it’s less common to have religious conflicts. But if such conflicts do arise, these may be complicated matters to handle: like what if your partner disagrees with your religion or your role in the family? What if you have different expectations? There is where compromise is really important.

The Main AMWF Problems

Other people will judge. And that’s alright.

It’s very common for acquaintance, friends and family to pick on the person you’re dating and vice versa. Especially in an AMWF relationship, they might find a new way to unfairly judge your choice of partner. This can include their race and culture. People are judgemental creatures. AMWF couples will run into criticism where it’s completely misplaced. For a number of closed-minded people, it’s not easy to disassociate individuals from their race – and you shouldn’t let that get you down.

Racism and Hate Speech against Asians

China skyline

Yup. Of all the things our human race could have taken into the 21st century, it had to be racism. And unfortunately, people still practice racism in all parts of the world. The thing about racism is that you don’t really comprehend it until you become a victim of it. A lot of white women and men think racism is a thing of the past and that people just imagine it. Just like how men say sexism isn’t really a problem and women are just being dramatic or flat out wrong. This is why AMWF couples are amazing, because they are strong enough to stay together despite others’ opinions.

Recently, STPeach (a famous White girl Twitch streamer) received racist insults online for dating an Asian boyfriend, for the sole reason that he’s Asian. The racist comments ranged from comments on their future babies to their sex life and his penis size, a tactic which many racist White men often resort to.

Check out this video of an AMWF couple in a McDonald’s commercial:


The bottom line is, AMWF relationships come with their own set of amazing advantages like the incredible community and learning experience, and disadvantages like the racism described above. Just like any relationship, some days will be great and some will be difficult: just like any relationship. If you have any suggestions please let us know in our comments box. As well, we have setup a Patreon for contributors if you want to help grow our site and produce more AMWF content for you guys.




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